Online videos of children aka “Pick on Someone Your Own Size”

Hello Everyone!

I recently came across some more “funny” videos on youtube, which I have complied here:

I was shocked to see that not only do adults videotape children doing things that are “funny”, they videotape them when they are hurt and upset.

Doesn’t seem responsible, does it?

The little girl in the first clip actually has a problem with being filmed. Rather than respect her wishes, an older sibling has decided to humiliate and frighten her and film her in tears.

Second Clip: There wasn’t any real explaination for filming this boy crying. I’m not sure who would be unsympathetic enough to find a little boy crying funny.

In the final clip, we see an appalling act of cowardice as a grown man humiliates a little boy. This reminded me of the phrase we all heard as children:

“Pick on Someone Your Own Size”

It’s extremely cowardly and pathetic to resort to treating children this way. It’s depressing that people even watch this online and find it funny!

I’d just like to remind everyone that children are vulnerable, and look to us for comfort and assurance, not for humiliation and laughter.



1 Response to “Online videos of children aka “Pick on Someone Your Own Size””

  1. 1 Michael Chariandy-Thomas March 14, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    As long as big companies continue to can use children to hawk their goods and services….kids will remain a big piece of the market….used mainly as props to lure potential clients, meaning they will suffer exploitation in every way and will not always follow proper procedure as long as they can get away with it….It should be properly regulated by qualified people who could release their findings periodically, so that if upgrades are needed they may be implemented and secured that the children are properly treated and schooled, and not put in situations that would bring them harm. Blame should also be put of the greedy parents who would put their children in this environment without supervising them at all times.

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