The Last Unicorn: Introduction

Basic Information:

Title: The Last Unicorn
Country of Origin: United States (based on a novel)
Licensed by: ITC Entertainment/ Granada
First Aired: 1982

Basic Synopsis:

When two hunters pass by her woods, the unicorn hears that she is the last of her kind. Bewildered by this, she sets out to find the others with only the knowledge that their disappearance has something to do with the Red Bull. On her journey she meets an assortment of characters, some who want to use her, others who just want to help her. However, when accidentally turned into a human woman, the unicorn’s fate is changed forever.

Why The Last Unicorn?

There are some really interesting imagery present in the Last Unicorn, especially in regards to childhood and womanhood/manhood. Some may have been intended, some may not have been; either way, there is a lot to deconstruct and interesting ways to interpret.  Furthermore, for a movie made in 1982, it was quite revolutionary as the female heroine was way above her Disney counterparts at the time. The Unicorn/ Lady Amalthea is a very active heroine: she goes on her own journey, fights, and even helps out a few people.


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