Censorship in Sailor Moon (Episode 6 Japan-only)

Discussion: What We Think

“What is most ironic to me is that the issue of unhealthy body image as expressed by Serena in episode three (which a previous blog entry dealt with) was seen as appropriate for young viewers, but the issue of entering age prohibited places and alcohol was not. Furthermore, if Serena had bought an alcoholic drink, I would have raised an eye brow, but she, for once, acts responsibility and orders only cream soda. If anything, Serena shows a positive side of herself this episode, she has the power to do things which are illegal, yet she doesn’t. She actually acts responsibly and as such I do not think this episode’s removal was warranted. If anything, episode three should have been removed, not episode six.” –Joanna (23, ♀)

“I really am torn about the removal of this episode. On some terms, I can see why they didn’t want to show it and on other terms I don’t. Firstly, I guess I understand that the parents in North America don’t want their kids to view this because of what Sailor Moon ends up being dressed as. But when I think of this, I wonder….she pretty much depicted what a lot of the celebrities (aka Paris Hilton) are like today, while I can see most parents are fine with their kids seeing that and acting like them (believe me I’ve seen it happen) I really don’t understand why this episode was nixed! This is why i have mixed feelings about this episode.” – Sadaf (20, ♀)

“I’m not sure whether or not this clip is inappropriate enough or not to merit it’s censorship. However, I think that the motivation behind its removal is tied to the desire to prevent young viewers from being encouraged to sneak into adult-only establishments during their teenage years. That said, I am sure that it was a small enough part of the episode that many children would not necessarily been “influenced” by the clip. However I understand the motivation, and am particularly troubled by Serena’s outfit. This, I think sends a very troubling message to young girls.” –Wilhelmina (22, ♀)

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