Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A Brief Overview

Basic Information:

Title: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Country of Origin: United States of America
Licensed by: Warner Bros.
First Aired: 2005

Basic Synopsis:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is based upon the novel written by Roald Dahl. This magnificently shot movie is about the famous Chocolate maker, Willy Wonka, allowing a group of kids who have won the chance to enter his magnificent chocolate factory after being closed for 15 years due to his workers stealing his recipes. This magical story revolves around Charlie Bucket,  along with 4 other children and their family members, who have found the hidden “Golden tickets” in their chocolate bars and have the chance to finally enter the factory.  Once they have entered the factory, they realize that this is no ordinary factory but a factory that is filled with magical chocolate waterfalls, lollipop trees and many other magnificent candies.  As the tour goes on, the 5 kids experience many things and learn that being dishonest and doing things that are bad will lead to very terrible consequences. Out of the 5 kids, Charlie is the only one that remains honest and Willy Wonka believes that he is now his successor and offers him a prize: the keys to the factory and the chance to live Wonka’s life. Charlie is torn and decides that he cannot give up his family, which results in Wonka allowing Charlie to bring his whole family into the factory to run the place!

Why Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was chosen for this project because as a kid, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and never really paid attention to the hidden messages or the underlying messages it sent to children. I believe that C.A.T.C.F depicts many themes, such as stereo-typing, good vs. evil, etc. It also not only has negative aspects but many positive aspects that children will be able to learn and apply in real life.  I will be showcasing a couple of the clips that show the negative and positive aspects, and then I will leave room for discussions on the topics and themes the clips show! Stay tuned to my next discussion post!



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