Hello fellow readers, my name is Joanna. Along with two other friends and classmates, we have created this blog as a political project aimed at creating dialogue about an often overlooked area, child media. As such, all and any comments and feed back are much welcomed.  🙂

This blog’s aim is to look  critically at a variety of  media aimed at or about children, both the good and the bad, in a way that facilitates debate and discussion. This blog shall look at both recent and older movies, tv shows, books, etc. Usually certain parts of a movie will be showcased with brief commentary from each of us and left open to further discussion. In particular, any striking points and statements that we find will be included into the main blog entry.

For the next few blog posts, I plan on highlighting different parts from Sailor Moon and The Last Unicorn.

If anyone is interested, I am an undergraduate university student majoring in political science and philosophy. Even though I am not in media studies, I am interested in media as a socializing agent, and that is partly why this project is about child media.



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